A3 Mgmt

Developing structured problem solving and leadership skills

A3 Mgmt 

Learn A3 mgmt based the science of improvement, PDCA, to solve complex business problem

PDCA is the science of improvement, introduced to Dr. Deming by his mentor, Walter A. Shewhart. Deming introduced it to Japan. Japanese engineers and scientists adopted it to improve their processes and products and brought a revolution in quality. Toyota used it as a key tactic for developing method of deeper thinking, that lies at the heart of Toyota’s leadership, known as A3 Mgmt.


A3 Mgmt. structures effective and efficient dialogue, understanding and deep agreement. It creates communication and dialogue in a manner that leads to a good decisions. The proposed countermeasures through A3 Mgmt. have a much greater chance of being effective as they are based on facts and data gathered from the place where the actual work is performed. engaging with people who perform it.

We bring you this program on "A3 Mgmt." based on Gemba at Toyota Plants in Japan and India, and a deeper interaction and learning from people who had practiced it hands on. So, experience the creativity within you and learn, a new way of thinking and communicating, a way of learning, a way of getting things done and a way of developing yourself, as well as others, as a creative problem solver. We have strengthened the A3 Mgmt. process by integrating it with KJ-Methods for processing qualitative data and parallel thinking.

Learnings through A3 Mgmt. 

  • Select, define, clarify and investigate a real problem from your workplace

  • Clarify problem situations and define problems as gaps in performance

  • Visualize work processes and focus on the problems in work methods

  • Analyze and confirm underlying causes and analyze barriers to improvement

  • Identify, evaluate, and lead in the selection of countermeasures

  • Plan for implementation of countermeasures and follow-up to resolve problems in execution

  • Create a new organizational learning


How This Program Is Different:
This is not a typical training program where you watch slides, listen, do some exercises, and discuss your thoughts and experiences.


Come prepared with a complex business problems and some real exploration around a team, responsible to solve it. The team works around this problems during the program and maximizes its learning through out the program. The team understands the disconnects in their thinking and knowledge around the problem. Armed with this learning team goes back to solves the problem using A3 Mgmt. Process and achieves their goals and targets. The team also develops their coaching skills to develop other problem solvers across their functions and organization.


Who should attend?

  1. Managers and executives who want to develop their skills for the structured problem-solving and fact-based decision-making

  2. Change management professionals involved in leading major change or improvement initiatives

  3. HR professionals who wish to introduce structured problem solving and fact-based decision-making skills within their organization

  4. Any person who wishes to improve his or her organization

  5. Any manager who is keen to lead and manage his or her organization effectively

  6. Professionals who want to improve thinking, behavior, and performance of people in their organization

  7. Anyone who wishes to improve his or her critical thinking capability

A3 Mgmt

Program Outline

Day 1

  • Learning process

  • Drivers for problem solving

  • The problem solving process

  • Set-up your problem

  • Problems of problem solving

  • Grasp the current situation

  • Setting goals and targets

Day 2

  • The coaching process

  • Root cause analysis

  • Proposed countermeasures

  • KJ method
  • ​Parallel thinking

  • Making things happen

  • Sustain new performance level

Book Suggested for Pre-Reading