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A3 Mgmt

Build leadership skills while becoming a good problem solver and coach problem solvers

A3 Mgmt 

Learn to use the A3 Mgmt. to solve business problems as well coach your people to become problem solver

The complexity of our world has far outstripped any ready-made theories or hypotheses, and a priori assumptions and wishful thinking are becoming increasingly useless.

A3 Mgmt. structures effective and efficient dialogue, understanding and the deep agreement. It creates communication and dialogue in a manner that leads to a good decisions. The proposed countermeasures through A3 Mgmt. have a much greater chance of being effective as they are based on facts and data gathered from the place where the actual work is performed.

We bring you this program on "A3 Mgmt." based on Gemba based learning at Toyota Plants in Japan and India, and a deeper interaction and learning hands on from the people who had practiced it hands on. Show experience the creativity within you and learn a new way of thinking and communicating, a way of learning, a way of getting things done and a way of developing yourself, as well as others, as a creative problem solver. We have strengthened the A3 Mgmt. process by adding KJ-Methods for qualitative data processing for parallel thinking to arrive at innovative solutions.

What you will learn

  • Explore and deep dive to find the real business problem troubling you and your organization

  • Define the problem clearly causing the real performance gap

  • Gemba based understanding of the work and the work methods to grasp the situation the way it is happening

  • Understand the true causes, constraints and barriers to the improvements

  • Develop vital countermeasures using Nemawashi, engaging with the people who work

  • Get the buy in of the countermeasures vital for effective and efficient implementation

  • Create the new knowledge as a basis of being the better problem solver and a coach 


This Program Is Different!
Its not a typical training program where you watch slides, listen, do some exercises, and discuss your thoughts and experiences.
Come prepared with a real complex business problems with no known solution. Do real exploration around the problem along with your team, responsible to solve the problem. Let the team work around this problems during the program to maximizes learning with active participation. The team discovers its disconnects in thinking and knowledge. Armed with this learning process, team goes back and finally solves the problem using A3 Mgmt. process to achieve the set goals and targets. The team develops the coaching skills to develop other problem solvers across the organization.


Who should attend?

  1. Managers and executives who want to develop their skills for fact-based decision-making and problem solving

  2. Change management professionals involved in leading major change or improvement initiatives

  3. HR professionals wanting to introduce structured problem solving & fact-based decision-making skills in their organization

  4. Any person who wishes to improve his or her organization by developing their peoples' competency

  5. Any manager who is keen to lead and manage his or her organization effectively and efficiently

  6. Professionals who want to improve thinking, behavior, and performance of people in their organization

  7. Anyone who wishes to improve his or her critical thinking capability

A3 Mgmt

Two Days Program Outline

Day 1

  • Learning process

  • Drivers for problem solving

  • The problem solving process

  • Set-up your problem

  • Problems of problem solving

  • Grasp the current situation

  • Setting goals and targets

Day 2

  • The coaching process

  • Root cause analysis

  • Proposed countermeasures

  • KJ method
  • ​Parallel thinking

  • Making things happen

  • Sustain new performance level

Pre-Reading of this book will be great

Managing to Learn Using A3
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