Lean Mgmt Program

Consistently creating more value for the Customer

Lean Mgmt Program

2 Days of Action Learning 

About the Lean Mgmt Program: 

“Making organizations innovative and competitive.”

Turning a company around is necessary, as a result of the changes in the market and environment. There is always competition that seems to become fiercer day by day: no company is safe, not even established companies in traditional, stable sectors. Competition keeps creating instability and uncertainty in the market. Introduction of Lean Mgmt makes for a great turnaround. It represents a profound change in the way people think and act at all levels of the organization and puts emphasis on improving processes, developing people’s skills and capabilities, and changing the leadership style and management system. The focus of a lean company is on consistently creating more value for the customer by optimizing the use of resources. The development of people and leaders to implement the new management practices introduced by Lean Thinking generates a cultural shift that gives greater power to the front line and to those who are creating value for customers, breaking with the philosophy of command-and-control typical of traditional management, that is becoming outdated day by day.

Lean Mgmt is a better approach to management to improve the organizational performance and make customers and employees happier. The methodology was initially focused on manufacturing but today it is much more than just about manufacturing. It has been quite successfully implemented in every field of business. The power of Lean Mgmt really lies in its ability to provide clarity about the flow of value through complexity. Lean Mgmt practice help organizations become innovative and competitive. It is all about enhancing value for customer with less resources expended, that is achieved through relentless identification and elimination of wastes in the systems, processes and activities.

The benefits of Lean Mgmt Program:

The participants will go beyond just the application of lean tools and will learn to create an environment that embodies the culture of improving value for the customers with less resources expended.

You will learn how to develop the people capabilities by engaging them into lean thinking and practices to create and island of improvement and flow the improvement slowly to the entire organization.

You will learn how to personally engage in the lean transformation process, ensuring that performance improvements don't plateau and cultural transformation sets in the organization.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the key lean principles and tools as well as the business benefits of implementing lean.

You will experience a lean operating system and the interrelationship among the various parts of the system and grasp integral lean concepts like flow, standard work, kaizen, takt, and pull systems.

You will learn the skills to design and implement an effective and flexible lean operating system to adapt to changing business conditions.

Two level certifications:

1) COP: Certificate of Participation - provided after attending the program
2) SCC: Successfully Completed Certificate - provided after you implement learning in real life scenario.

Who should attend?

Lean Mgmt program is designed for people who are relatively new to the concepts of lean and are looking forward to improve their knowledge and skills in Lean Mgmt.

It is for organizations those want to impart lean knowledge to its people, to start practicing and experimenting lean in their own work areas.

It is also good for professionals at any level who are familiar with lean and would like to refresh and refine their knowledge further.

Change agents who wish to make their processes effective and efficient

Lean Mgmt Program

2 Days


  • General Introduction

  • Evolution of Lean Management

  • Principle and Behavior

  • 3M: Muri, Mura, Muda

  • Time Management

  • Value Stream Management

  • Jidoka

  • Standardized work

  • Kanban, Supermarket, Heijunka

  • Just In Time

  • Quick Change Over

  • Visual Management

  • Lean Value Stream

  • Business Transformation