Lean  Construction

(Complete construction projects well within time and budget)

Lean Construction

For years, people associated with the construction industry have been frustrated with the lack of success in project management. Costs escalations continue to outpace inflation. The time required to complete continues to grow. The construction profession has lost much respect. Project delivery is globally characterized by lower productivity, inordinate delays, cost overruns and dissatisfied customers. Construction Productivity has been declining globally, whereas most other industries have more than doubled its productivity. 


Lean Construction is – a comprehensive system of processes and culture built on a commitment to collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Lean delivers better employee retention and quality of life, safer worksites, reduced project waste and greater project value. 

Lean thinking is the mindset necessary to improve construction industry and strive to understand value from the customer's perspective. It helps us to take actions that deliver value and reduces waste. Waste squanders resources, adds unnecessary work to people, and adds cost/time/aggravation to clients. It develops a learning organization through relentless reflection and continuous improvement as a team, which in turn develops a culture of respect for people, through inspiration and empowerment that drives engagement and improved overall performance.

We bring you this program to help you understand how to creates a fine balance between process and people to transform the build environment as a whole and create a superior value for all the stake holders. This program is designed with an objective to understand, how to improve the productivity in construction industry?

Lean Construction Management 

1 Day Program


  • Evolution of Lean Construction

  • Drivers of Lean Construction

  • Wastes in Construction

  • Construction Value Stream

  • Lean Planning (Last Planner®)


  • Crew Balancing

  • Lean Inventory & Logistics

  • Good Housekeeping (5S)

  • Total Equipment Management

  • New Technologies

  • BIM and BLM