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​Gemba Walk


A management practice for grasping the current situation through direct observation and inquiry before taking action. So, we do Gemba walk to see and understand how a better customer value can be created. Thus we try to discover opportunity to enhance the client's organisational value. We drill down deeper to understand the level of performance that client's management wants to achieve against what is actually being achieved. Thereafter we proceed to understand how a better system can be created to achieve the purpose while engaging all the people involved.

Do invite us for a Gemba walk in your organisation to grasp current situation, understand your real business problems and then plan for effective and efficient lean transformation of your business.

Process Improvement

We take a close look of the problems associated with the processes from customer's view point. This is followed by the touch and feel of products against its specification engaging with people who add value for the customers.


Thus a large inventory of product and process issues are collected with total agreement and alignment of thoughts. This is followed by a focused Gemba to understand process, look into the problems, get to the point of cause and understand the real root causes creating the problem. This provides a deep insight into the process as well as product and its design.


By solving current problems and preventing future problems we create reliable and stable processes, turning out consistent quality, reliable and durable products. Thus providing better value to customers with less resources expended and create a more fulfilling work environment for the people.

Business Transformation


Are you frustrated with kaizen events and isolated improvement projects which yield short-term results but have no sustainability? Is your organization struggling to meet customer demand consistently? Are you facing challenges in implementing improvement and aligning people to your strategic business goals? We develop your leaders into a thoughtful problem solvers, engaged with front line people, who add value, continuously improving in an aligned manner, marching towards your business goals. We help leaders to develop organizational and individual capabilities to sustain and expand new thinking across the organization. We articulate & engage with leaders to understand the way they think and the way they should be thinking to take the organization to a superior level of performance.

In-Company Training Program

We conduct various in-company training programs, where you can train a large group of your people at an economical cost. You may choose an standard program outlined on various pages of this website. We also do a Gemba Walk to understand your specific needs and then customize a training program to create better value for your people and organization. We conduct program in a manner that maximizes learning of your people. 

Public Training Program

Time to time we conduct some selected program as publicly announced program. One may nominate him/her to attend these programs.



Currently public programs are kept on hold due to global pandemic. We will announce programs as soon as the situation becomes better.

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