Quality Function Deployment


Quality Function Deployment

QFD process steps are well proven methods to collect and prioritize clear, visible, and invisible customer wows, wants, and needs. Translate these needs into technical quality characteristics and specifications to develop the right product and design concepts to attain market leadership.


The inventor of the QFD process steps, Prof. Yoji Akao, defines it as, "a method to transform qualitative user demands into quantitative parameters, to deploy the functions forming quality, and to deploy methods for achieving the design quality into subsystems and component parts, and ultimately to specific elements of the manufacturing process."

Program Objectives:

  • To collect and prioritize spoken and unspoken customer wows, wants, and needs for product benchmarking with customer view point

  • To translate the needs into technical characteristics and specifications facilitating technical benchmarking with competitive products

  • To provide right inputs to build and deliver quality products and services to create market leadership


So we have developed this program for:

  • Promoting QFD as an objective method to ensure quality from an early stage of new product development to launch a hit product

  • Designing and developing a product that will satisfy users by relating their requirements to design characteristics all the way downstream to production


Who should attend:

  • Product development team

  • Project managers

  • Marketing and sales team

  • R&D personnel

  • Product & process design team

  • Manufacturing engineers

  • Manufacturing managers

  • Service teams

  • Quality team

  • Costing team

  • any other NPD team member

House of Quality.jpg

We help to deploy QFD1 > QFD2 > QFD3> QFD4

in a very unique manner


QFD Program

2 days

Day 1

  • General Introduction

  • Evolution of QFD for NPD

  • The House of Quality

  • QFD1 → QFD2 →QFD3 →QFD4

  • Function →Quality → Quality Element

  • Identifying Functions of Product

  • Collecting Voice of Customer (VOC)


  • VOC → CR → QE

  • Competitive Benchmarking 

  • Product Planning

  • Creating Product Image

  • Writing Product Concept

  • Developing the Final House of Quality

  • QFD →NPD: Real-World Application